An accelerated amendment to the land-use plan will facilitate the construction of the Vltava Philharmonic Hall

The city is currently awaiting the results of a usability study compiled by a team led by renowned Danish studio Henning Larsen. The study is key in determining whether the Vltava Philharmonic Hall project will continue on to the next stage. This should be the announcement of the international architectural study and the preparation of project documentation. The results of the study will be available at the end of this year.

At present, the area is viewed in the land-use plan according to the present condition in the area and not according to the future plan. An amendment to the land-use plan will allow the construction of a building intended for cultural use. Its appearance and parameters will come from the winning design in the architectural competition.

"This is another important step in being well prepared in advance for the possible start of the further stages of the construction of the Vltava Philharmonic Hall building. A usability study is being completed in parallel to this, which will then allow us to make an informed decision at the council and assembly level,” said Petr Hlaváček, Deputy Mayor for Spatial Development and the Land Use Plan, who added: "The procedure we are proposing will save the city and the Philharmonic Hall project almost two years of time compared to if we were to continue in line with the view of the previous management of the city, i.e. according to the original amendment to the land-use plan in 2008. That is why we definitively brought this to an end in October.”

The amendment of the land-use plan for the partial area of 67,376 sqm where the Philharmonic Hall building and its facilities should stand supplements the initiative to amend the land-use plan for the entire municipal district of Bubny – Zátory (approved by representatives of Prague in October 2020). The planned new concert hall should become the main impulse for the gradual revitalization of this long-neglected part of Prague.

"I am glad that the Vltava Philharmonic Hall project is continuing. I look forward to the results of the usability analysis and believe that precise preparation of the individual steps in this complex process will move the whole project closer to realization,” said Ondřej Boháč, Director of the Prague Institute of Planning and Development (IPR).

A planning study has also been underway for the entire district of Bubny-Zátory for two years now. It has already been discussed by the professional and lay public, and comments have been submitted by state organizations, local authorities and the public. It now represents a consensual view of the future of the area. The proposed urban design respects the block structure of Holešovice, deals with transport relations and coordinates new plans such as the Vltava Philharmonic Hall. The completed planning study should soon be presented.

Holešovice, surroundings of the Vltavská Metro Station.

Holešovice, surroundings of the Vltavská Metro Station.