Prague and the Czech Republic deserve a concert hall. It's a debt to Czech music," says architect Jan Magasanik in an interview with Forbes

"Prague is a beautiful city that everyone loves. It is a joy for any architect to design a modern cultural and iconic building for Prague. In this case, the joy is all the greater because it is a project of a concert hall in the center of Europe," Jan Magasanik points out in an interview.

He adds at the same time that it will be a complicated construction. “This is the site of a complex multimodal transport hub that brings with it nothing but unwanted noise, vibration and barriers from all sides. Trains, subways, trams run there, and an important traffic artery for Prague passes by, so we already know that it will not be possible to stop or limit traffic due to the construction. But it is also the best place for public accessibility," Magasanik adds.

"Prague and the entire Czech Republic deserve a large format of a concert hall. It is a debt to Czech music, but also to Czech culture and its musicality," Magasanik says.


You can read the entire interview with architect Jan Magasanik in the current printed edition of Forbes Czech magazine or online (in CZ) HERE


photocredit | Michael Tomeš, Forbes Czech Republic